What I Wore 1.18.2011

When I was sent this dress by my friend Miss Alphabet, all I could think about was when I was going to wash it, because I never wanted to take it off! She uses fabrics that move with you. I'm talking REALLY move, like I could eat two cheeseburgers and not feel cinched in. Not that I would. Veggie burgers, probably. Am I asking myself to step up??! I'll let you know in ten pounds...

I couldn't help thinking that this dress is wild--it's something special that two of my friends in particular would appreciate. I phoned them both up and asked if they'd like to be part of a Blogger Dress Challenge--each of us would style the dress and do a separate What I Wore post. They were both game! I'll let you know when their posts go up in the coming weeks.

I did it up the best way I know how--traditional Aurora elements like big shoes, scarves, and fishnets. I usually try to casual-up a dress, so I went for my old reliable jean jacket. I'm looking for another one at a thrift store, so I can cut off the sleeves and use it like a vest. Jean jackets are crazy! I almost never wear jeans on my lower half, but I don't know what I did before I had a jean jacket. It goes with everything!

I also hiked up the skirt with a belt (I am petrified of looking stumpy and an easy way to combat this, I'm convinced, is a tall heel with a lot of leg). This gave the skirt some extra flare as well. So fun when I spin!

Dress: Miss Alphabet via Etsy, $70
Boots: Sam Edelman from Zappos, $199
Fishnets: from a Halloween store in Hollywood; $4
Jacket: Gap from The Goodwill in Visalia; $4.99
Scarves: From St. Vincent's Thrift; $1 each
Buttons: Haruki Murakami, gift. MY MY Collaboration button, $5.00. Paperchase button, $.50.

I'll be doing What I Wore posts on the regular from now on. One of my new years goals was to keep a blogging schedule. Here we go!


Miss Tess Aquarium said...

How totally adorable!!!

sarah marie p said...

Oooh that dress is so fun! You are rocking it! I love the idea of the Blogger Dress Challenge! Can't wait to see the other girls' looks. And now I wish I never got rid of my jean jacket. What was I thinking?!