What I Wore 1.24.2011

It's Monday, and the only cure for that is wearing a happy color.

I absolutely adore pink. Usually I go for a more punchy shade, but when I saw this dress in the thrift store for a dollar, I knew it had potential.

When it was hanging on the rack, it had a high neck and full, long sleeves. I pulled out the seam ripper and went to town!

I added fringe around the shoulders, which was left over from my wedding dress.

I cut deep into the front of the dress, and gathered the layers. Much more flattering and more appropriate for karaoke.

Dress: No brand name, found at St. Vincents, $1.00
Shoes: Gap, Goodwill in Glendale, $3.99
Bracelets: belonged to my mother
Belt: No brand name, Goodwill on Blackstone in Fresno, I think it was a dollar

I added my huge black belt, which is something I think I should never again do without. It's the jean jacket of belts--I can wear it with anything!

I'd been scouting for a smaller heel with a closed toe, and when I saw these, I scooped them up! I loved the color--usual for my typically black and white based wardrobe. Best of all, when I took them to check out, they were half off!


girl, emphasis on the L said...

i am absolutely in love with this. head to toe perfection
<3 alexys

Miss Tess Aquarium said...

How cute!!! Just bought a falling apart blue/purple lace vintage dress today to refashion, great inspiration!!

sarah marie p said...

You've got mad seamstress skills, Rory! Impressive. Love the color! So jealous of your sunshine!!!! Oooh and those shoes are cute too!

Mary Grein said...

REALLY cute look!

Bluefemme said...

That dress is amazing! Love the shoes!!