What I Wore 1.31.2011

The weather in Los Angeles is finally changing! I'm so happy! I hope we get a good month of this before it starts sweltering.

For now, I'm enjoying the chance to wear little jackets to dress down cocktail attire.

This jacket was handmade for Jenn's Prom Queen Campaign in 2010 (she won!). It's still pretty spectacular. You can't go wrong with glitter glue.

I love this dress. When I saw it at Goodwill, I knew it was a find. All of the boning was in tact, and the cut reminded me of a Betsey Johnson. I tried it on and it was decided. I really love dresses in black and white. You can dress them up and down so easily, and they go with everything. Even in an elegant fabric, they can be the most versatile pieces.

Dress: Noa, found at Glendale Goodwill, $7.00
Booties: Forever 21 in Pasadena, gifted
Jacket: Forever 21 in Fresno, $5.99. I decorated the heck out of it using fabric, glue, and paint.
Button on jacket: Phonebooth Gallery

I've been working on the RAW show--it's this Thursday!-- and I can't wait! I'm going all out, which means I'm busy but also so, so excited. I'm putting together my first booth. Ben had some amazing ideas, and I am so glad I found someone who understands my vision and can help bring it to light. It feels really good to make things happen. I'm over the freakin' moon to have the chance to work hard on what I love.


bethany toews said...

I'm over the moon for you too! keep being awesome!

Jenn said...

You forgot to credit me for all the lens flare. And that dress looks AMAZING on you!

Aurora said...

I actually could use another lens flare tutorial. Yours always looks so much more precious!

Aurora said...
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Vivi said...

Hello! Love ur skecths and outfits in pics!
Great blog!