Candy Girls.

I made buttons and hair clips for tomorrow night's event. Shoot me over a comment or email if you haven't gotten tickets yet.

Have I mentioned I love Valentine's Day?

I didn't always feel this way. Things changed when I started using February 14th to celebrate with my friends and show them how grateful I am for them. Now that I'm in a new city, I want to start new traditions with new friends. I'm so glad that 2011 has given me opportunities to get to know women down here.

This weekend is also all about my Fresno friends, who are coming down to karaoke and thrift. I can't wait to look them in the eye and tell them "I love you". They have been so good to me.

How rad is it when you realize that you know the coolest ladies in the world, and are only going to get to know more of them? It all makes me so glad to be living this life--one in which my moving has taught me to spend time with others and learn from them.



Kim Burly said...

Seeing you this weekend is going to be the best thing ever. I've missed you so much.

Rossella said...

love this post

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