Fresno: It's in the Fog!

I spent the last week in my old city, Fresno, to spend time with some friends and catch up on business. By business I do include a little karaoke at The Brig and thrift shopping downtown with my aunt.

Wednesday was Brig night. The Brig seems to have become infamous in Fresno-- it's where most of my friends have been hanging for the past year, because of the karaoke. Since I consider myself seasoned enough, I decided I could handle solo karaoke. Also, I only drank water. I had to keep it real. My version of "Oops I Did It Again" got the ladies going but received an admonishment from the KJ. I was appalled, but if Fresno wants to keep it clean, I must do as the Romans do. Et tu, Brute Karaoke?

Fresno always kills in the thrift department. I had a great time shooting across the city looking for gems. I did have to go easy, since I only brought a tiny suitcase and was returning to Los Angeles via Amtrak. This mountain lion sweatshirt had to come with me.

I spent most of my time at Jenn's house, where I actually used to live for awhile after my mom passed away. I think I will always be attached to Jenn's family. They have been so good to me. I was happy to spend so much time with Jenn and her buddy, Flat Cat. We talked over business goals and dreams, set up a theme for my next series, and organized our lives.

I gifted my old Filofax to Jenn, but not before I pimped it out. Honestly, I am totally crushed out on my Filofax system, and if you even express to me any organizational woes, you will likely be gifted with one at some point. This one was meant for Jenn, since it matches her hair. I popped a few stickers of Flat Cat's cousins in there and she was good to go!

Fresno highlights:

* It had to happen sometime, but the city is really changing. I came back to Los Angeles, and knew that it was finally my home. For the longest time I felt like I still had a foot in my old town. No more.

*Eating at Luby's with my Aunt and Uncle! Oh, do I miss Luby's. I didn't look at the menu because I remembered how amazing their vegetarian garlic chicken was. It was just as delectable as ever. It was a blast hanging out with my family. I miss those two so much!

*Checking out Iron Bird Cafe. I lived downtown for the tail end of my being in Fresno, and Iron Bird Cafe is new. It's lovely and such a fabulous addition. I ran into my friend Shannon while having lunch there (uber crowded on a weekday! This place is doing well!) and her photography show was surrounding her. If you haven't already, get yourself over there. She's put a ton of heart and soul into it, and it's apparent. Lots of work. If it's too crowded--as it was when I was there--come back and get your coffee and walk around.

*Yogurtland! Yes, all of my highlights have to do with food. At last! Cheap yogurt that allows the customer to control the outcome! This is right up my Filofax's alley!

*Seeing my friends. Many of them had been in LA the previous weekend and I'd spent time with them then, but seeing them in our old city is just so sweet and comforting. They are humans filled with magic. I am so glad to know them.

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Kim Burly said...

When can we do it again? I already miss you so much. <3