Ira Glass T-shirts are a Valentine's Dream.

Ok, I've heard you gushing. Ira Glass has always been amazing, and that's why I created this small, sweet, pen and ink drawing. Since love is in the air, I'm excited to offer up a little twist.

Ira Glass T-shirts!

I've been giddy over this idea for ages, waiting for just the right moment. I've always wanted to do a run of screened t-shirts, and I wanted to do it by hand, the old fashioned way (ie. in the shower, not outsourced to a faceless company). I've been prepping my screen, and now I'm ready to go!

The "I love you, Ira!" t-shirt is available for $25 dollars, including shipping. Choose your size and send me over an email at aurora.armijo@gmail.com. Paypal is lovely, and so are you.

This run is limited, as I'll be doing a shirt for each person in my "Love Letter to Pop Culture" series over the next few months. Can you sense my excitement?! My smile is so big--almost as big as Ira's!

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