"Now that the dream is over..."

I've been listening to the new Bright Eyes non-stop. After a few years hiatus (coming off from an obsessive--I role my eyes that I even have to state that. I mean, duh-- Conor Oberst period) it's really nice to just press repeat. Over and over.

This has been my accompaniment to, aptly, a full day of drawing, painting, and cutting one shape. Over and over.

These are for the RAW show. There's a full bar, so I figured I'd make the red lettering on the candy appropriate. I developed a system while making these. Sometimes I would play the Bright Eyes album, and play this beautiful one-minute video at the same time. Try it! I can't get enough.

My new series is obvs. gonna give you cavities. Over and over.

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Kim Burly said...

I love them. So much.