RAW Hollywood--The Aftermath!

At the beginning of the month, I buzzed around the house, gathering everything I would need for the RAW Hollywood show. I guzzled down coffee, wore my most sensible shoes, and blasted Van Halen. There was so much to be done!

At that point, I had just finished a new watercolor and ink mini-series (yes, like The Thorn Birds). My challenge was to put together a themed booth, which had always been a dream! I'd been wanting to put one together for so long, and the show and Valentine's Day fast approaching was the perfect meeting to make it come to fruition.

I have never done a show like this--something so, well, crazy. There were a few other visual artists, the fashion shows going on downstairs, bands, body painting, and haircuts. I hung out by my work for the majority of the evening, upstairs.

Lollipops! Candy hearts! Sweet girls!

Any excuse to wear my Betsey Johnson dress! The show was "cocktail attire" so I went for it. I put one of my candy heart barrettes in my hair and was good to go.

Brian and Ben making a guest appearance.

My friend Brian was awesome enough to come out and act as my assistant. I was so grateful to have him. Extra hands are always helpful, but he also has a good eye and rad suggestions. At that point, my energy was zapped, so his ideas were so welcome and needed. We put all the work up, and set up the booth.

I was surprised to see that a picture of myself and my booth was in the LA Weekly as part of their slideshow last Friday. Totally exciting and a giddy boost!

Big thanks to everyone who showed up to the show. I was so over the moon to see you and honored to have it be your choice on a busy Thursday night! xoxo


AD said...

Wish I could have been there! And also super impressed you referenced The Thorn Birds. Love it!

Lauren said...

Congrats! That's a great photo (and dress) too!