Style Planner: Spring Thing!

This feels like the longest Winter ever! We've been lucky enough to catch glimpses of the sunshine, but, for the most part, Los Angeles has been clouded over and rainy. I know this is good for nature, but I miss blue skies! I'm prepping by planning how my look is gonna go down when Spring finally comes!


*Spring means bright and natural to me. I started yesterday by taking my pink hair back into it's natural brown. The change back was a shock (I glanced in a mirror and thought Nigel Tufnel was looking back at me), but I'm excited about it. My hair is finally almost to my shoulders, and I plan on wearing it big and curly. After viewing the Red Velvet website, I decided '60's Dolly P. hair was where it's at. I'll still be putting stuff on my head--I'll just be making flower crowns instead of using so many hats.

*Ben cleared out his closet, and I found his old button-down work shirts. Sounds like a new lightweight dress wardrobe for me! I'm taking a Serger sewing class tomorrow and can't wait to power through these projects. There's so much you can do with a button-down: I'll be making dresses, detachable collars, and skirts. So much fun!

*I found huge, bug-like Jackie O glasses at the 99 Cent store yesterday. This place is great, and I should really make it over more often. They are tortoiseshell and rediculous. I also picked up a great deal on those Crystal Light to-go packets. I'm in the midst of giving up soda (it's been a struggle. Anyone want cans of cherry Coke? Come and get it!), and these things help in a pinch. I'm also throwing down green tea like there's no tomorrow. I'm starting to see more deals on strawberries in markets too. You can bet I'll be jumping on that!

*My make-up is changing too. I'm not messing around. I want it BRIGHT! I'm really drawn to turquoise for eyes, and I'm pulling out my Lime Crime lipstick in My Beautiful Rocket. It'll all go really well with those Disneyland turkey legs I'm currently obsessed with drawing.

*Since I'm trying new things, I'm starting to mess with opaque paint markers. These suckers are POWERFUL! New art supplies always leave me with so many questions. Is this something I can really use? Is this a gimmick? Maybe I can just leave it as an experiment. Anyhow, these little guys afford me the quickness of spray paint and the accuracy of my regular quill and ink. Sounds like opportunity to me!

*Safety pins are gonna be the accessory of choice. I forsee them being attached to everything--jackets, hems, shoes, and necklaces. I got a hold of a jean jacket at a thrift store in Fresno, and cut off the arms. It will be decorated with the safety pins. Yes, people, this is how you make a dream into reality!

*I'll be pulling out socks to go with my leopard print booties. I have decided that leopard print is a neutral, so bring on the brightly colored fishnets and knee-hi's. It's time to say "How'd you get so pasty?" to my newly exposed gams.

*I'm changing a lot of things right now-- and up there on the list is my health routine. I'm going to continue to take classes that challenge me (most likely ballet, but I'm open to others). I'll be carrying slippers in my purse for those impromptu dance offs. They do happen!

What will you be changing when Spring rolls around?

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