What I Wore 2.14.2011

I've been putting off writing this post, because it's a big one. Valentine's Day!

I'd been looking forward to it for a long time--the stretch between Ben's birthday and February 14th is just enough time to really get me excited! This year, Ben procured tickets to Disneyland and I was over the moon.

Wait. What???! Anyone who has known me for a long time is well aware of my Disneyland trepidation. I went once when I was 12 (I won tickets for my family by doing a coloring contest) and it was a horrible, traumatizing experience. I was glad when the day ended and never went back. I opted out of my high school grad night at Disneyland. My bedroom had to be better than revisiting those memories.

Ben was convinced that he could change my mind. I did my best to just see it as a day to spend with Ben, and not let any of the other stuff seep into the experience. And it worked.

We were concerned about spending money, of course, so we decided beforehand that we would only eat one meal in the park. I packed my satchel with oranges and apples. We got breakfast at The Original Breakfast House in Anaheim.

I finally had a Dutch Baby! Lemon and powdered sugar. I must learn how to make this myself. Ben ordered an omelette, which was massive! The portions here are huge. Our meals were tasty.

We arrived in the park around ten thirty. I was really impressed by the efficiency. Even when saturated with massive amounts of people, you never are really left waiting that long.

Toontown was our jam! I made an attempt to get the peanut butter out of Chip and Dale's house, but that is not the Disney way.
Mickey's house was oddly serene! Lots of greens, blues, and browns.

I loved Minnie's house. Can I live here someday?
Minnie was a sassy little broad, hiking up her skirt, and being super cute.

Our planned meal in the park was at the Corn Dog cart! We had been told it was the best meal deal at Disneyland. The corn dog is heavenly--greasy and delish. Ben told me that he'll have to eat lentils for the rest of the month to make up for the grease splurge.

Ben's new look is the Pringle Little Boy Tie. He's been picking up little boy ties at thrift stores and wearing them out.

I really wanted to find Ben a Peter Pan hat, but couldn't find one in an adult size! It has to be out there somewhere, right?

Ben did his own What I Wore list:

White "prison issue" Velcro top from Vans Outlet in Orlando -- $20
Blue Levi action slacks - from Iguana in Hollywood--$15
Blue button down from Goodwill in Los Feliz-- $7
Little Boy Clip-on Tie from St. Vincent Thrift -- $.99
Handmade Heart pin -- A. Lady original --priceless

I wore things I could walk and sweat in. No joke about the sweat. My jean jacket smells now. I just Febreezed that thing.

Jacket: Gap via Goodwill in Visalia, $4
Peplum Heart Print Dress: I made this from a pair of pants I found at the Goodwill in Glendale. $3.
Shoes: Vans, $10 at the outlet in Orlando
Minnie Ears: Gift from Disneyland

I ended up loving Disneyland, by the way. Let's go back!


Jenn said...

You made that dress from pants?! You must give me a sewing lesson someday.

Aurora said...

You know I will!

jessica mullen said...

that little boy tie thing is rad! and you look gorgeous and so fun!

Samantha Mae said...

Next time you are back in Orlando, you must let me take you and Ben to Disney World! You will absolutely love it!