What I Wore 2.7.2011 - Fresno edition!

First of all, I apologize for not including my usual lens flare. My friend Jenn took these today, and although she has been my major source of Lens Flare Inspiration (or LFI, if you will), she is now shying away from her reputation as established by Shit Photojournalists Like.

But I digress.

I really like the way this jean jacket (a happy thrift store find) frames my neckline. It sweetly opens to my dress (another thrift store goody! $1.25, baby!) which I could not pass up because it has POCKETS. They frame my hands. Also, Jenn did a pretty good framing job with those branches. It's good to dress with a theme in mind, especially one Jenn just made up.

This button is a gift from my main man. He has good taste!

This hat is amazing! At $1.99 from the thrift store (like you'd expect anything else), I couldn't pass it up. It's the perfect-sized cranium warmer for a brisk spring morning in Fresno (UGGGHHH I can't believe it's actually 10 degrees COOLER here. At least I didn't have to break out the tights -- that would really be tragic.)

These shoes are great because the heels boost my height (which I need because now that I'm older than 18 I won't grow very much*). Luckily Fresno isn't cold enough to break out some mukluks (which, by the way, Jenn's grandmother gifted me with).

Hope you enjoyed the update! I hope Fresno enjoys my fashion choices today!

*but I might!

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Lauren said...

I love those shoes!!!