What I Wore, and My Current Matthew Sweet Obsession 2.28.2011

My camera sitch is taking a hiatus (truth? Uh, my camera died a few weeks ago! RIP), and I'm taking the opportunity to draw everything, including What I Wore posts!

The weather has been so all over the place lately, so that means I'm sticking to a pretty boring palette that can be combined with tights if need be.

Gap jean jacket-$4, Goodwill in Visalia (Good Lord, will I never not wear this sucker?!)
hoodie-$15, Hanes at Target in the little boys section
skirt-$4, H&M at Goodwill in Glendale
Vans-outlet in Orlando
Filofax-$15 at Paperchase store in Glendale (this is my favorite place right now. Everything is adorable.)
Creative Inc.- $16.95 at Barnes And Noble. Pretty sure I had a coupon of some sort, but I don't remember details
Hair is pincurled and then teased til it's reached it's max height (The bigger the hair, the closer to God)
Matthew Sweet's "In Reverse"-borrowed from Ben

Ok, have you heard this album?

It's been keeping me company for the past week. I've always loved Mr. Sweet--when I was in junior high I would call the radio station every night, begging the d.j. to play "Girlfriend" over and over, for shame! I hadn't reconciled with the value of dignity or of buying an album yet. Despite my love, I had somehow never listened to this treasure. Ben popped it in the stereo one evening and I continued to play it. Over. And over. And over. He is so good. Guitar, melodies, harmonies-- it's sort of ridiculous how wonderful this is.

(This spurned, once again, an obsessive Matthew Sweet binge behavior. I started Googling. I found his Etsy shop, where he sells his handmade pottery. I know now that he hasn't changed his hair in about 20 years (I'm really into that sort of consistency, it reminds me of the only lovable character in Jurassic Park; Malcom, the mathematician. Of course he gets ripped apart by a silly dinosaur. Oh, cruel world!)

Today, I am expanding and listening to In Reverse and 100% Fun, which is lovely as well--"Not When I Need It" is so candy pop perfect I feel like growling and bawling through the chorus. And don't get me started on "Someone to Pull the Trigger". The highlight of the last six months has been watching Ben and Gina Villalobos perform this cover together and watching the entire audience erupt into tears.

Yeah, that's good stuff. Let's go buy stock in Kleenex.

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Stephanie said...

i love matthew sweet. my ex fiancee's roommate was a huge fan and ive heard everything