Camille Rose Garcia at Michael Kohn Gallery


On Saturday night, we went to the Michael Kohn Gallery to see Camille Rose Garcia's new show, "Snow White and the Black Lagoon". After meeting our friend Wade there (all the way from Fresno!), it was a treat to do a tour around the gallery and really check out the artwork.


This was the first time I had ever seen Camille's large scale work in person. She had a mix of full scale paintings and smaller mixed media work.



Camille's paintings are stunning. Her colors always look strong and translucent at the same time. I love that she doesn't use black outlines to case a figure when paint is involved. Camille's smaller mixed media pieces do utilize a black outline, giving them a more illustrative feel. What a smarty.


After admiring Camille's purple wedge platforms (I could see these on Ziggy Stardust...or, you know, ME), we left the space. The Michael Kohn Gallery is in the area we are moving to, so I'm excited to see more work there. Access to these sorts of things are definitely a perk of living in L.A. There's a huge difference between seeing this stuff on a computer or in a magazine, compared to in person. I'm so glad I moved here.


Jo Anne said...

Were there any little drips of glitter in her paintings? I recall seeing some the first time I saw her work in person. Stunning!

Ben said...

total glitter in the paint.... you couldn't really tell until you got right up on the paintings. what a treat!