Cargo Eyeshadow

I'm really into this Cargo eyeshadow that my friend Kim recommended. I found this kit on sale at Urban Outfitters about a month ago, but only just started playing with it.


Cargo copy on their website says: "use your Color Palette to bring gorgeous, blendable color to your lids or as an eye liner".

Usually, I stick to loose powders (I feel more in control with them), but I'm enjoying this palette called "Los Angeles". Yeah, I love the name! Perfect. The colors are sheer but do allow for slight build up, very much like a watercolor. I felt like the picture above was as bright as it would get. This is not a complaint, just something I will keep in mind if I ever through on a pair of jeans, which is about five days a year. Look, I'm just saying that I would consider this a "casual" option! Next time I'll try using it as an eyeliner, and maybe that will get my gnarly color freak on.


Jennifer Emerling said...

You are so cutie! xoxo

Kim Burly said...

And the lip gloss...?