I Left my heart at Vroman's.

Ok, so this was a case of nerdity.

I received an email from my local bookstore (Vroman's in Pasadena, if you wanna know) about two weeks ago. They send these out monthly, and they are filled with scheduled book signings and readings. I do consider myself a reader, but I don't really go out to see authors.

That is, until the email said that Alicia Silverstone would be making an appearance.

You have to understand my connection with Alicia--or really, my connection with her starring role in my favorite movie ever: "Clueless". Yeah, I said ever. It's pretty perfect, except it was missing a Steve Martin cameo. But I can't nitpick too much. There's so much good stuff in that movie and I will forever use it as my David Lynch chaser.

My friends Ananda and Rita joined me and my vhs copy of the movie. I had a dream. I was going to ask Alicia to sign my copy of Clueless, and also I was going to make her my friend because I really, REALLY need to know what making out with Paul Rudd (in his prime) was like. Was he sloppy? Did he taste like Kool-Aid? I must know. 14 years is too long to not have that question answered.

This appearance was actually for Alicia's vegan/ semi-macrobiotic cookbook, "The Kind Diet". I had glanced over the website and thought it was rad that she was working on something so well-intentioned but didn't get the full gist of it til she started talking at the signing. By the time my friends and I made it through the line, I couldn't ask about Paul's smoochy lips. Too trite!


Obvs, Alicia is as cute as she was at 18, with great skin. I could not believe that we were looking into each other's eyes for like 1.5 minutes, talking about flirting and food! It's been almost a week and I'm still over the moon.

I ended up buying a softcover version of "The Kind Diet", and reading through it in a day. I didn't expect myself to get so...involved right away. I've had plenty of vegan friends, but they are all very respectful and only really have talked about it when I've asked questions. This book is conversational and logical and it made me think about the easy decisions I make for myself regularly. I consider Ben and myself to be pretty conscious folks, but can't we do more, especially living in a city with so many options?

The first few days after reading the book, I was obsessing over the information. I have no reason not to try this--it's good for me and good for the planet. Had I actively perpetuated my own allergies and illnesses? Why am I so attracted to donuts? Specifically, apple fritters? Is there a way to just eat an apple and smother it in something and get the same delicious feeling?

I'm trying some recipes from the book out gradually. I'm not ready to roll out a vegan diet (or even a limited vegan trial run) til after we move in two weeks, because I know it's gonna be a challenge. So for now, I'm to do my best to think about what I'm purchasing and consuming. I'll be planning out my four week vegan challenge and blogging about it when it takes place.

Are you vegan? What advice do you have for someone dipping their toes into it slowly but surely?


djstephaniebell said...

okay I'm not a vegan but I gotta tell you I felt 100% better after cutting everything but fish out of my diet. sometimes it seems like fish is the only cure for my depression but probably 6 days of the week I don't eat ANY meat at all. there are a limited number of options here for that kind of dining but I do cook a lot. You know if you wanted me to I could add you as an author on my food blog so you could share some of this journey :)

jessica mullen said...

Wooo I love Alicia!! I watched a video of her speaking about it and she really blew me away. As for going vegan, my best advice is to not eat anything "fake" like soy cheese or ice cream for about 2 months after the switch. By then you'll forget what the real thing tastes like and when you try the fake stuff you'll love it!

It's a lot easier than it sounds, it's just a matter of finding substitutions (earth balance buttery spread, almond milk) and options at restaurants (fries, salads, veggie burgers...)

Let me know if you have any specific questions! It's fun I promise!

Also, avocado totally tastes like egg after a while :]

hungrybuns said...

Hey! I like her lots, too. My dad was her make-up artist on a film last year and she totally wrote about my vegan burgers on her blog, dude! (http://www.thekindlife.com/post/eddo-burger-opening-this-saturday) I'm not vegan (was for 3 years and burned out) but I'm excited to see what you think about semi-veganism and what dishes you come up with. xoxo Cara