New Print: Rayanne Graff, The Best Girlfriend You Ever Had, and I'm Sure She Broke Your Heart




pencil drawing on watercolor paper, with watercolor accents

I've always been drawn to strong teenage females. They are who I actively sought out when I was a teen, be it in a classroom, a book, movie or t.v. show. I'm working on a portrait series of these women-in-transition. I wanted to focus on their strength, thoughtfulness, and sense of defined, inspired character.

Rayanne Graff was a serious case of never enough. She always wanted more, and she found a way to always be the most. We were left at the end of the first and only season of My So-Called Life feeling the same way. Why wasn't there a Rayanne spin-off? Fast forward four years to her being the diamond in a pool of people with big eyes focused on her.

You can find the original here. Here's the print, as well.

If you have suggestions for the series, please let me know. I'd love to know who inspired you as a teen.

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