What I Wore 3.12.2011

This is what I wore to my group show at Phone Booth Gallery in Long Beach on Saturday night.


Ben and I stopped by the thrift store earlier that day, where I found this Shelli Segal dress. It's not a style I typically gravitate towards, but the weaving on the bust was irresistible.


I needed all the confidence I could get for the evening, so I went for my star headband. I love this thing and I'm so glad I made it! I'll try to put together a tutorial sometime soon.


Of course, I paired it with my jean jacket. So predictable!


I added some extensions and got curly. The black pin is from Phone Booth Gallery, and the Murakami button was a gift from Ben.


Dress: Laundry by Shelli Segal, found at St. Vincent's Thrift for $6.99
Fishnets: these were at Iguana on Hollywood Blvd. I think they were about $4
Boots: From Forever 21, they were a gift
Headband: handmade
Jean Jacket: The same ol' thing by the Gap, found at Goodwill in Visalia

I felt just dressy enough. Normally I'd opt for black, but Los Angeles is so perfect right now! I want to be just as sunny as the weather.

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Dossie Rogers :) said...

Sweet, Sexy....confident! You look awesome!