What I Wore 3.8.2011

I love Spring! It seems like the weather is finally catching up with my mood, and I'm so glad! I love waking up and the sun is out. I feel very appropriate putting on some orange lipstick from Lime Crime (I can't tell you how many times this stuff has made me feel like I'm pulled together!), eyeliner, and just walking out the door!

We're working on a few different things, all good. This weekend Ben and I combed through the city, looking for our perfect new home. We think we found it, and we find out today if we got it. Mid-Wilshire, let's be friends. Good vibes, everyone! I absolutely fell in love with the neighborhood because everything is walkable. After a year of motoring, it's time to use my peds!

This is what I'm wearing right this second! It's lightweight, breezy and cheerful. I am welcoming this '90's revival with open arms. More little dresses and socks, please! All you ladies look so sweet.

I'm planning on making more of these flower garland headpieces. They are so simple and festive! I need a maypole, stat!

Dress: Kimchi Blue at St. Vincent's Thrift, $6.99 (an expensive purchase for me, but the upper detailing and delicate print was irresistible. Also, Urban Outfitters brands seem to get chucked to the second hand so quickly here. What's the deal with that?)

I'm wearing my mother's silver Indian jewelry.

Jean Jacket: Will I ever take this thing off? When I bought it, I had no idea or intention of the mileage I would get out of it. Thank you, jean jacket inventor! You make life easy.

I love the diamonds on these socks, which I found at Claire's at the mall in Visalia for a dollar (shocker--socker?--but that's why I scour all clearance racks when I'm in the area). They remind me of art deco styling.

Oh, my little witch boots! Little heels on boots are such a godsend. They make you taller and don't exhaust you too quickly. These little angels were half price at Goodwill in Los Feliz. I don't remember the exact price right now, but I do remember that they were a deal.

Hope all is well with you right now. What are you looking forward to and embracing for Spring? I want to know!


AD said...

I'm WAY OK with 90s style florals coming back. It's like a garden in my closet right now...

We need to go thrifting together soon woman! We'll have to explore what the West side has to offer!


Aurora said...

We gotta do it soon! Let's make a date! xo