What's In My Bag

I love it when other people do these posts--it really feeds into my nosiness. This is the laziest way to be nosy. I'm totally into that.

My bag has suffered a recent cleanse after being in Fresno. Here's what's left:

Paperchase bag: This is from my favorite stationary store in Glendale. They actually closed last Friday, which is too bad because they were Cute Stuff Central.I keep the Flip and my camera in this bag. It's made of oilcloth so I trust it.

Tic-Tacs: When I was doing Weight Watchers, I switched from any ol' mint to Tic Tacs because they were super low calorie. It stuck. Usually I like the tropical fruit flavor but was in a halitosis pickle at Rite Aid and went with what they had.

Disney Princess hairbrush- This was in my stocking from Christmas, and I didn't know how valuable it would end up being! I use this sucker all the time because it folds out into a mirror. Plus, it's pink. Obviously, I like pink.

LeSportSac- I wish that I had found this at a thrift store, but I didn't. I had been lusting over the Fafi bags for awhile and ended up with gift certificates. It's nice and big, and came with a little cosmetic bag. It's probably the only white bag I'll ever own because it takes effort to keep it looking pristine.

Filofax- This was at the Paperchase store as well. I upgraded to the pink leather version when they had a huge sale on them. Now, if you go over there, they are even cheaper. Since these usually run about $80, it's a good time to get one and save. You really won't find a better value for your organizational dollar. This thing saves my butt on a daily basis. I really should write a whole post on my Filofax. I'll put that on the list.

Sunglasses- They are a no name brand from the 99 Cent store. They are huge, and I love them.

Business cards- both mine and my friends.

Lip junk- Gloss and lipsticks. I'm really into orange lips, so I take Lime Crime's "My Beautiful Rocket" and Sephora's "It Girl" with my everywhere.

Bobby pins- You don't know you'll need them til you actually need them.

Ink pens- one very old Hello Kitty pen, and a "Princess Aurora" pen a friend found for me at Disneyland. She actually found something with my name on it! Courtney, I still praise you for this find! Thank you!

Wallet- It's a subdued Hello Kitty pattern. I like keeping it cute, even when it's businesstime.


jessica mullen said...

Cuuuute! You are so inspiring me to do a "what's in my bag" post too!

kPg said...

So that's the usual contents of a woman's bag, huh? Seems like make-up is a staple item, hehe. Have you ever wondered what's in a guy's bag? Well, it's about time that someone blogged about it. Check it out! Thanks. =)