Work Space Tour!

I work out of my home, like many freelancers, so I took some attention and time in putting together my work area. It's so strange because after we graduated, in 2004, I had a proper studio with Laura, and I just didn't know what to do with it. Now, I know to build up, especially in a small space. Here it is!


I typically work at the table. It was gifted to us during the wedding last year, and has been amazing. I like to keep the space pretty organized and sacred (meaning, nothing goes on here except art stuff). 98 percent of the time it works. The other two percent is the result of me getting really crazy with paint.


I found this white board at the Goodwill in Los Feliz for a couple of bucks. It's really big and magnetic, so I constantly have things going on and off it. I do keep my goals up there for the year, so I always have them in eye's view. Sometimes I get distracted, so I take precautions to keep me on track.


I got these cork boards in the $2 section at Target at the beginning of the year. In January they have the best organizing/stationary items for a song! I stocked up on heart shaped glitter baskets, magazine storage, and pencils.

I usually hang photos that I use for sketching, just to get me warmed up. When I'm feeling lazy I hang necklaces and my earrings on them as well.


Inspiration/reference items: I'm a Lula nerd, but I also like old issues of Missbehave and W. Also, I like saving receipts. That's what the pink binder is for. Fun! The taxperson is gonna love me next year.


I like my supplies cute, and that's easy to do since I like to thrift.


My brush collection keeps getting larger and larger, but I swear, the best thing I ever did was get that roll-up storage. It keeps the brushes together and it's so easy to transport those suckers.

What does your work area look like? Do you have any tricks to keep things tidy, or make things more convenient?


jessica mullen said...

Thanks for the gorgeous tour! Makes me want to tidy up my workspace ;D

Ali said...

My workspace (my boring cubicle) is sad and is dying for a makeover. I'm thinking about bringing in a wine bottle to use as a bloom vase and printing out some fun pictures and putting them in funky frames. But alas there is only so much you can do with these green fabric walls. wahh wahhhh... lol

Blue said...

So cute! What kind of camera do you use? The photos are so vibrant!

robert amador said...

LOOOOOOOOVE studio tours! I'll have to do my own now...