Drew Confessions

Yesterday, Ben and I headed to Torrance to check out an antique store. When we got there, we toured the furniture, ooh-ing and ahh-ing, until I happened upon this:


$5? I'd be a fool not to get it!

You see, not only is this a teen magazine with a young Drew Barrymore on the cover, but it was the first Seventeen magazine that I got when I was a mere 12 year old, in May 1993.

Up until then, I'd been reading Sassy, which was funny and different but sometimes so over my head (although I can't deny that it provided the gateway to one of my first crushes, George Stephanopulos. Don't ask). Seventeen was less cool, but I got it. Like, all of it, so it was an easy, fun read.


Ad featuring Kelly from 90210! I didn't start watching 90210 til I was in college, and it was like my youth was being revealed to me backwards! Check out the wacky illustration to the left--how much fun is that? It kinda goes with the graphics used in the California Shine ad. The early '90's totally had a look.


I forgot about this article! It was one of the first that I read about Riot Grrrl. After this, I went on a Jessica Hopper research obsession, and still keep up with her to this day. Freaky? I say consistent. I lived in really small towns, and we were moving all the time. Things like this were my deal.


Which can also be said for my obsession with Drew. I've talked about my Drew book before, but I'd be a big lame-o if I didn't mention it again (picture 15 years worth of clippings of Drew. Not for the faint of heart. Or those who think of themselves as America's Sweethearts). This Seventeen spread was def. in there! I know this picture doesn't do it justice, but Drew is just so adorbs in this interview. She's getting over her break up with
Jamie Walters (what happened to that guy? I guess I could ask that of all of the men she's been married/engaged to) and talks about reuniting with her creative side again. I DIE thinking about Drew making her own clothes and cooking! Is that not the coolest thing ever!

I have so many memories wrapped up in this particular issue. I remember studying her thin, curved eyebrows and plucking mine the same way. Not cute! I remember attempting to bleach my hair blonde and cut it short! Hidsville! I remember getting my first tube of burgundy lipstick. Totally still rocking that. I remember when I squinted, I thought my friend Crystal could pass for a Drew Barrymore look-alike. Lucky! She had the cute, cherubic face and light, wavy hair. Crystal is now drop-dead gorgeous in her own fantastic way, but when we were 12, all I could do was be envious of her Drew-ness. Ugh!

Are teen mags still like this for girls, or has the internet taken over, for reals? I heard that Jane Pratt and Tavi Gevinson are working on a print project for teens, but haven't heard many details. No doubt that when it's released, I'll be checking that sucker out, but til then, what do teens look at, hide in their purses, or get their safe sex advice from?


with_all_hope said...

I spent years going back and forth between a subscription to Seventeen or YM....I loved getting them in the mail and pouring over every article. I'm sad that I didn't keep them. Though, somewhere in a box in california are all of the pictures, positive words that I cut out of each magazine.

djstephaniebell said...

i have the same feeling about the Sassy with Juliana Hatfield on the cover. I carried that with me EVERYwhere.

Marie said...

OK SO. This was my first REAL teen mag also. I am tripping the fuq out right now. I used to read this thing over and over so much the cover was scribbled on (by asshole dude classmates), ripped up and creased. This basically set off my OBSESH with Drew B that lasted many years. This was ALSO where I first read about RIOT GRRRLS!! So insane we had the same experience!!!! God I would love to get my hands on this mag! It brings back so many wonderful, amazing memories. (about to cry right now because I'm a big ole baby)