What I Wore 4.12.2011

This is a quickie little post, but I wanted to make an effort to get back on track with Troismois. I feel like my eentsy little break is over, and I'm back in the saddle again!

My outfit today was super simple. The weather is still perfect, but I'm predicting heat in the near future. I kinda can't wait!

Tank top- Yard Sale across the street, $1
Vest- Yard Sale, $1
Necklace- handmade from a street vendor in Sacramento, years ago! I think it was about $10
eaarings- the heart is from Forever 21, $4. The circles are from my mother.
Skirt- Found at St. Vincent De Paul for $1. It had a long lining, but I cut that part of it out so it's mini, with a long lace overlay.
Shoes- Payless, also years ago! I think maybe $9? I added the fringe.



I'm still having a blast exploring this new neighborhood. It's totally different from the last place that we lived at. Today I walked to Robeks to get a smoothie, and that just about blasted my mind!


Christina said...

I gotta see the rest of that skirt!

Jenn said...

The first picture of you is stunning!

sarah marie p said...

You look totally fierce. The fringe on those shoes is fun! Every time I read your blog, I always think that I love your attitude! <3 xoxo

Anonymous said...

i want to start doing these posts too but i dont want to be a copy cat