What I Wore 4.25.11

I've been wearing this little dress all over town! It has definitely become a go-to piece.

I have to admit that I had a fight with myself at Forever 21 when I found it. Typically I only buy things at non-thrift stores off the clearance rack. This had just arrived, and, as such, was full price--a whopping $24.99. I couldn't get over the sweet heart print, though, and the fact that it was a simple black and white, which means I can wear it with colored accessories and tights in the winter, and nothing in the summer.


Dress- Forever 21, $24.99
Boots- No name brand, Goodwill in Los Feliz, $7.99
Earrings- I think these were on clearance at Claire's.


It's been so busy that I haven't had the time I would like to meet up with friends. My friend Ali and I want to DIY feather extensions in our hair. It's in the cards, soon soon! For the moment I settled for a one color 20-minute drugstore dyejob while I was cutting paper on the floor. I used to think that when I started getting gray hair I would just let it grow out, but now that it's actually happening in large quantities, I'm not feeling it!


Outdoors is where it's at right now in Los Angeles. It's sunny and not too warm--we have been walking in the evening to run errands and it couldn't be lovelier. One of my goals this summer is to actually spend an afternoon at the beach. I still can't believe I haven't done that yet!


Christina said...

Great shoes! Elegant elf booties.

Becoming Audrey said...

You're a sweetheart just like your dress. Hair feathers are coming soon! Promise.