11 Songs for 11 Ladies.

I've had these paintings marinating in my head for a long time--they hung around through notes, city adventures, and heartbreak. Each lady definitely brought something new to the story I was telling. They were each distinct--playful, discouraged, bored, incredulous, shocked. No matter what they felt, they were smart and funny at the core, and that was the filter I used to bring them to life. Each of these songs helped manifest the image while I was working, and so I consider this mix tape, of sorts, to be very important to the show.

It'll be playing at "Ladyfingers" tonight. For those of you stuck in New Zealand or Kokomo, here is the Ladyfingers Mix Tape, as put together by my partner in crime, Jennifer Emerling. Because she's such a lover, she's given you the tech-y option of getting each song separately, or as the full compilation. Listen now, thank her later. That's how she likes it.


The Pipettes- "Your Kisses Are Wasted On Me"
Be Your Own Pet- "Becky"
Mates of State- "Laura"
Patrick Wolf- "The Magic Position"
Cyndi Lauper- "Girls Just Want To Have Fun"
The Crystals- "Then He Kissed Me"
Mika- "Grace Kelly"
Best Coast- "Crazy For You"
Weezer- "Buddy Holly"
Tennis- "Cape Dory"
Neko Case- "That Teenage Feeling"

These MP3 are intended as a sampling-- a mere morsel of the talent of each artist. If you like the song, buy the album and feel free to cry and laugh and yearn along with them. A heart can't live without a beat. If you are the artist and would like me to take down your song, please email me. I will be sad, but will understand. xoxo

Etsy will have it's share of Ladyfingers items--paintings, buttons, all the loot!-- up at 11 this morning. Get ready, Tiger Beats!

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