Ladyfingers: Meet Andie.

Round two of our Ladyfingers sneak peek--these doves are ready to fly tomorrow!

A. Lady "Teenage Dream" 2011

1.) Name: Andie

2.)How old are you? 26

3.)Favorite color? Faded Barbie sunset pink.

4.)Who is your best friend? Oh gosh. I haven't thought about this since high school. I have a different best friend for every activity. I have an eating best friend. A yoga best friend. A makeup best friend.

5.) Where do you want to go for vacation? A penthouse in a large city, with windows all around and wood floors, and just a bed with a stack of books.

6.) Do you love your life? I'm learning to love it. The more I try to take responsibility for everything in my life, the more I love it.

7.) Gum or Candy? Gum. Fast chewing, fast living!

8.)Have any tattoos? I'm way too commitment-phobic for the steez.

9.)Who is your idol? I am really loving Diane Keaton in "Annie Hall". She had her own game and style and smiled all the time!

10.)What do you like most about yourself? I'll give anything or anyone a chance. :)

11.)Have any enemies? I'll give anything or anyone a chance. :(

Yesterday, my takeaway postcards came in. Jenn, of course, designed them, and I think they look like sunshine! They will be at the show tomorrow. Grab 'em!

Takeaways for Ladyfingers!

Tonight, Ben, Brian, and I are hanging the show. So, so excited! I'll be listing all of the new pieces on Etsy, and they will be available to purchase during the opening.

And my friend Adam interviewed me for his art podcast, "I Don't Get It". We discuss artmaking, slumpin' it, and making things happen. Lots of Fresno-focused art challenges as well. Check it out!

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