Ladyfingers: Meet Shannon.

I want to give you a sneaky peaky at the ladies who'll be appearing on May 14th at Downtown Darling. There will be 11 new portraits, so I'm asking 11 questions. I had a blast drawing and painting these lovelies and can't wait to see them hung on walls amongst the treasures at the boutique!

A. Lady- "Those Too" 2011

1.) Name: Shannon K.

2.)How old are you? 19

3.)Favorite color? Navy Blue, the color of the shadows of seahorses

4.)Who is your best friend? Natalie. I spied her two years ago at school. She was asking the best questions in economics. She would ask them just to get the teacher talking so we'd never have to open our texts. She was everything I wanted to be.

5.) Where do you want to go for vacation? Maybe to New York City. I want to see that Alice in Wonderland statue in Central Park. I want to go on a Holden Caulfield themed tour through the city. Also, maybe to my mom's couch in Kentucky, to catch some z's.

6.) Do you love your life? I will love it, once I don't have to worry about buying food.

7.) Gum or Candy? Candy on cupcakes. I made a dozen chocolate cupcakes with Reese's mini peanut butter cups on top. Those were crazy! Natalie had three and then puked after we watched The Muffs. Rock and roll!

8.)Have any tattoos? I'm saving up for one. My friend Neil's cousin does them and I'm pretty sure he'll hook me up. I really want a seahorse on my shoulder. Can you give me a ride?

9.)Who is your idol? Natalie :)

10.)What do you like most about yourself? I still write handwritten letters. I have a ton of old notebook paper--you remember the kind, with the spiral binding and the blue lines?--I use that and fold it up really tiny into hearts or bird shapes and leave them in my friend's mailboxes. My cursive is big and loopy and like a code. So if you can read it, you are my friend.

11.)Have any enemies? Only one, and it's anchovies on my pizza. STAY THE EFF AWAY.

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