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A. Lady "Spin It" 2011

John Waters has been in my life for a long time. It started with my Johnny Depp obsession (I'm sure it's no surprise--I was a child of the '90's, fer shure) and just kept going. I've been coming across some gems lately, starting with:
“I don’t like rules of any kind. And I seek people who break rules with happiness — and not bringing pain to themselves.”
—John Waters
While my self loathing teenage self certainly has steered me in a direction--namely, toward a job working for Hot Topic's company straight outta college-- I'm all wide-eyed, soak-up-the-sun, eating nuts for lunch style right now. Here's the thing though: I'm, like, way over pain. Especially the self inflicted kind. Dude, I can't deal with that anymore. Taking care of yourself requires a certain degree of awareness and responsibility, and I'm stoked on even having that opportunity. If that means sacrificing the excitement of my more carefree youth for organic eye cream, then put me on your list.

I love people who know their power and worth. I'm not talking about money, necessarily. But that's sexy too. I'm intrigued by a genuine dedication to self-respect and boundaries. It all sounds so...mature. But that's my reality right now, and it's hot shit. It's the reason I'm able to wake up every morning feeling empowered and inspired by the company I keep now.

I'm reading Danielle LaPorte's epic tome, "The Spark Kit". As with most things, I did a lot of snuggling around other content on the site before I committed to bedding the purchase. In one of her videos, she talks about getting on the bus with your "yes people"--surrounding yourself with people who won't say no to your dreams and will look out for opportunities. Are you reading this? Are you thinking about it? Damn, so basic and so important. Read that again. You need to DO that.

(Oh, I take that tone, but am I talking to you or to myself? Or to Aurora when I was 22? What a mess. Just re-read it. Make it your mantra. Give me your shirt and I'll write that effer on there.)

Johnny Waters has a little interview that is also blowing my mind here. Gogogo. And then let me know what you are going to kick ass and feel good about.

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Laura said...

ugh. That John waters interview knocked me out too. This is a great post. Let's talk soon.