Nomadic Rodentia Three

Nomadic Rodentia Three

By the time I was nine, I had changed schools five times. No stranger to the temporal nature of an everyday existence, I embraced heartache with as much vigor as someone might embrace the stability of having health insurance, or eating Jell-o. It was what it was. I just learned how to move on.

I learned how to trick the system. I entered art and coloring contests left and right, so that I could win gift certificates for groceries. I bought my issue of Seventeen at the Thrifty Drug in whatever city we were in, instead of getting a subscription. I learned to sew 1) to save money 2) so I wouldn't have to waste time learning where the stores where ever we moved to.

I learned to smile and make jokes at every school, so that the inevitable goodbyes weren't too painful--this, while I was secretly wishing that my friends were my family, instead of my brothers and father, who were, in fact, the people pulling me away, over and over again.


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