Pre-Show Countdown

This week has been non-stop preparation for the show...and I'm still only halfway through the week! Here's some behind the scenes goodies for you:

Ladyfingers buttons!

I received my buttons from girl genius, Taryn Hipp! I've been ordering my buttons from her for years, and she never fails to kick ass. Even when I hit her with a Facebook message: "Hey, do you think you can do these in a week?" It never phases her, because she's a ROCKSTAR. Her prices are great and she does fantastic custom work. If you are in the market for these great little guys with your design on them, I urge you to order your buttons from her now! Limited edition "Shannon" buttons will be debuting at the show on Saturday. Buttons always go quick, so be sure to scoop them up!


Ben has been a massive assist to me over the past few weeks. Among other things, he patiently painted these frames a deep, dark, solid black to go with the work.


Yesterday I spent time putting together yards of different colored grade school streamers. I love these brightly suspended loops of joy! I had forgotten how construction paper makes your hands smell. It's so distinct! I want to work with it more, now that I'm rekindled my love of it.

Feather and tinsel hair extensions!

I also saw my new friend Tanya, who put feathers and tinsel in my hair! I'd been wanting to get this done for so long, and now I have streaks of the wild coursing through my locks. Ok, are they really "locks" if they are so short? Who knows. What they are is an accessory that makes me feel like a banshee. I've missed my purple hair (call me fickle, change is the spice of life when it comes to hair!) and this is fine. I love the tinsel when it sweeps across my face. It reminds me that everything can be made a bit more magical.

The countdown continues. I am more than a little giddy about this show and am enjoying every bit of preparation!

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