Raspberry Mint!

Kim and I are together right now, mixing dyes. She made puce!

I went for raspberry mint. I had been so inspired by Tanya, the woman who put my feathers in, that I had decided I needed to get colorful again. I wanted something to go with my favorite orange lipstick. When I texted Kim urgently last night asking if she was in, I received an empathic "YES!"

Raspberry mint!

It's time to crush a jacket in your lap!

After discovering a beauty supply store within walking distance of our home, it's game on! The woman who runs it is also from the Central Valley, so we have a kindred connection. I am trying to let my hair grow, so dying is the only change I'll allow for the time being. This should be fun!

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miss tess aquarium said...

I love it!! You should get a little bit of tinsel ,too. They have pastel rainbow that is super similar to those colors!