What I Wore 5.12.11

This morning the light was beautiful, so I couldn't resist going out and taking some outfit photos.

I've spent the last week with Jenn, and she helped me out immensely with show preparation. She's the genius behind my show flier and anything tech-y. All that time together definitely has it's influence--she's crazy about polka dots, and so now I have a new appreciation for them!

I found this Zac Posen for Target dress on the clearance rack, and it couldn't be more adorable! The cut makes me feel tall and thin. I can't ask for more.

dress: Zac Posen for Target, $9.99
heels: Gap via Goodwill, $3.99
hair flower: leftover from our wedding--we bought a ton of them cheap in the flower district in L.A.
lipstick: My Beautiful Rocket by Lime Crime


This sherbet-y pink is such a treat! It makes me feel like summer is just around the corner, and I should be grabbing some tofu to put on the grill.


I also love the crazy back, which has shoulder flaps! I'm telling you, more dresses need shoulder flaps. They are unexpected and can make you feel like a superhero when the wind blows!

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Miss Tess Aquarium said...

You look totally awesome!