What I Wore 5.25.2011

Don't let my dour expression deceive you--I'm actually really happy right now! FedEx just dropped off a package and the sun is shining! What could be better?

Tonight we are headed over to The Standard. I have gotten my hair cut there (it's bargain-style) but that's about it! We will be meeting up with friends and saying farewell to someone special. It seems that Washington always ends up with cool people!


Jenn ordered this little shirt as a gift for me from Modcloth. It's a new deal for me--I don't exactly feel confident in a crop top, but can pull it off with a high waisted skirt. Especially if the top has a weird print of two girls with mice heads. Sign me up!


I have reached a momentous occasion: I have worn this jean jacket so much that I now have a hole in the elbow! This has never happened to me! I feel like Bruce Springsteen, finally.


Jean jacket: Gap via Goodwill in Visalia $4.99
Boots: Forever 21, gift
Shirt: Modcloth, gift
Scarf in hair: Mom's
Hoop earring with studs: Santee Alley, $1
Circular earring: Mom's

Have I mentioned how obsessed with orange lipstick I am? This one is more red-ish than I usually go (Lime Crime's My Beautiful Rocket is my go-to). I like having variety in a color family. It makes me feel like all of my lipsticks are getting along and appreciating one another.

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Elizabeth said...

I love everything about this look. Especially the Aurora part.