The Epic Bang Trim of Summer 2011

I've been growing my bangs for the past two months, and it's been driving me mad! How do other women do it? I couldn't see, and my bangs itched my face. This morning, I decided that enough is enough!

I decided to shoot a little video to document the occasion. Lemme tell you, I feel like I forgot everything I had learned about I Movie a few years ago--I fully intend to keep making silly videos so that I don't get as rusty!

Cover of Pavement's "Cut Your Hair" by Casey Deniel. <3

Bang Game Inspiration:
Courtney Love
Staci Louise
Drew Barrymore
Agent Lover
Gala Darling

P.S. It's summer! Cut your hair!


Jenn said...

Love it! Who is doing that cover?

Erika Lee Sears said...

I just cut my hair with bangs! I completely forgot about that in between bang look when you are trying to grow it out! Love the track on the video.

jessica mullen said...


Kim Burly said...


Yvonne said...

I JUST SAW THIS AND OH MY GAGA, IT IS SO CUTE. I want to cut my bangs! I do!!