Think Pink at the Madonna Inn

This past weekend was our first anniversary. Ben wouldn't tell me where we were going, only that I would need to wear something I could do something "active" in (that's another post!) and a bathing suit.

Secret: I LOVE surprises! I can be tough to take because I'll keep asking and guessing where we might be going. On our way up the coast, Ben suggested we have lunch at the Madonna Inn's Copper Cafe. If you've been reading for awhile, you might remember that we had our honeymoon at the Madonna. Ben is not a creature of habit, so I ruled out the possibility of us staying there again.


Turns out, we were staying in the ultimate pink getaway: the Carin room! I was blown away.


This was our amazing view from our room. We spent yesterday morning on the patio, watching the horses and chilling out with tea and coffee.


The hotel is just beautiful-- if I were motivated to own property, I'd want to recreate this. Dear Lord.


This was our evening. Breezes, lovely sun, and feeling happy to be alive.



The bar at the Madonna is jaw-dropping. We went on Sunday night, and a swing club was dancing the night away. It was so great to watch people who really knew what they were doing!


The portraits of Mr. and Ms. Madonna and a display outside the bar. If you go, walk through three times so that you really get the full eyeful-- look up, look down, look side to side. You won't want to miss anything!



We loved the details in Carin. Double sinks in the restroom! Obviously, Ms. Madonna was thinking about couples that have been together for some time. Newlyweds might not care.


The view above our bed in Carin! The room is round and has a pink cupid theme.


I want this wallpaper on everything! My Filofax! Shoes! A dress! Cooking utensils!




Ben just hanging around!



The entryway. This is what I saw when I entered the room after Ben had me go on a scavenger hunt to find our room. I started crying. I've been eyeballing this room since I was a teenager.




It's a little bit of a culture shock to be back in Los Angeles. I didn't know I needed a little vacation but am so glad that Ben and I had the chance to enjoy one. I haven't traveled too much, but The Madonna Inn always hits home. I can't recommend a more fantastic, inspiring place to find a space for peace.

Thank you, Ben, for making my dream come true. I love you.


Marie said...

AHHHHHH!!! I haven't stayed in the Carin yet but it is always on our list. LOVE IT!! That is so sweet!! :D :D

Kim Burly said...

Wow, just wow. What an amazing space!

Allison Lloyd said...

Oh, my stars! You two are the most adorable couple on the planet earth! Love your photo montage. Hope to meet you one day, Aurora. I met Ben years ago through Temmo K.

jessica mullen said...

Wow gorgeous photos!!! What a blissful experience!!

the actor's diet said...

how cute! i am planning on stopping by to eat but it looks like i need to stay next time!