What I Wore 6.19.11: Featuring Agent Lover!

When Marie and I met up on Saturday to go to the Melrose Flea Market, all I could think was "finally!" I've been following her blog for awhile and while I totally loved her work, I had no idea that I would find a Mariah Carey tape in her car! Love it!

Agent Lover and Aurora Lady

We decided that the best thing to do was to take outfit photos!

Marie: otherwise known as your favorite Agent Lover

How cute! Marie is such a sweetheart, blowing in the breeze!

Marie's deets on her outfit:

dress is from a local chola store
The bolero is 70's vintage, was my mom's
shoes are Betsey Johnson Pollys
Mexican knit bag
belt from I Heart Ronson


My dress is Kimchi and Blue, from St. Vincent's Thrift
flower leftover from our wedding
boots from Buffalo Exchange

Time to get busy in the dugout, you knooow how we do!

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Marie said...

I cannot WAIT for our Mariah singalong. I have been listening to the HONEY CD all day!!!!!