What I Wore 6.4.11

It's a fact-- when Jenn comes down to Southern California, I feel like it's an opportunity to go all out. Last night, we attended the opening of Japan LA's "Kittens and Ice Cream" show. Cats? Ice cream?! No need to email us twice!

I had no idea what I was going to wear. I knew from past experiences that people in L.A. go nuts with their costumes, and I was absolutely on track with that! Nothing was really hitting me though, until I stumbled upon my old 4-H hat. Perfect! I started building from there.


Jenn, of course, was channeling her power animal, a unicorn! She was shiny and adorable.

On me:

Hat: 4-H, the real deal. I earned those patches and pins all through junior high.
glasses: Forever 21 mens department. $4.99
leotard: no brand name, at St. Vincent's Thrift. $1
skirt: H&M, found at Crossroads in Santa Monica. $10
tights: Iguana Vintage in Hollywood, $4.99
boots: Forever 21, gift
crocheted cookie pin: gift from Kim Burly
earring: dripping cross from Hello Drama, gift

On Jenn:

dress: Betsey Johnson, friend's closet, $50
tights: Accessorize, in the U.K., London $10
boots: Deisel, at Marshall's (on clearance! She's so good!) $40
necklace: No brand, Buffalo Exchange, $8
watch: Betsey Johnson, gift


Here's a close up of the amazing Forever 21 boots. These things are more versatile than I thought they would be! Leopard is definitely my neutral.


With uber cutie Lime Crime founder, Xenia. Her and her husband are total sweethearts. So happy that Los Angeles has them now!


Jenn is really into religious-themed cat art. The show was one of the most adorable that I've ever seen. So much fun! It's up for a month so be sure to stop in and check it out.

There were food carts lined up outside the venue.

So many people dressed up in theme! One guy had little faux kitties on his shoulders and in his beard. A woman dressed up her dog as an ice cream sundae. Other ladies had elaborate hair styles that looked like ice cream! Grade A. Ugh! I am so grateful to be in a city now where my friends and I aren't the only ones who show up at an event looking over the top! Half of the fun is getting an outfit together. I'm happy to be reuniting with that act.

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