What I Wore 6.14.11

Yesterday, Jenn and I ended up at the Art in The Street exhibit at the MOCA. We'd both been chomping at the bit to see this massive show, and the world finally opened up to us when we saw that Mondays are free for the rest of the summer! If you are in Los Angeles, you have no excuse--get your butt over there! We spent two hours, which we realized was foolish after we arrived, as the place is huge and you'll need all the time you can get to really absorb the work.


Full scale installations were the name of the game towards the back of the space--my senses were on overload! Each "block" had a different feel- there was an old school tattoo station, pin ball noises, huge graphic signs, and films.

I dressed around my new favorite Hello Drama earring. I'm taking this thing everywhere with me! I think it really says "Lipstick Knifefight", which is my new style direction.

hair: cookie pin, gift from Kim Burly
shirt: Kanjana, $1 at St. Vincent De Paul's Thrift
skirt: Anne Klein, $3 at Buffalo Exchange
tights: Betsey Johnson, gift from Jenn
boots: Forever 21, gift
earring: Hello Drama
pin: Phone Booth Gallery, received at an opening



Getting some new Tara McPherson work on my left arm--I'm a total wuss so I couldn't sit much longer past getting the outline! I'm getting the sucker filled in on Friday with the amazing Alayna Magnan. Her entire station is pink!



necklace: London-based artist at Brick Lane, 5 pounds
Pants: P&Y Denim at Buffalo Exchange on La Brea, $5
Boots: Diesel, Marshall's in Fresno $40
Shirt: Tramp at Buffalo Exchange, $19
Watch: Betsey Johnson, gift
Belt: Betsey Johnson, Nordstrom Rack $10
Purse: unknown brand (but vegan!), Buffalo Exchange, $22
Sunglasses: Vans, SBI Boardshop, $10


Jenn's unicorn outfit was right at home amidst the neon and black images. She's looking for a style direction (I suggested "Tragic Majestic High School", but it's not really sticking!), so if you have ideas, let us know!


Jenn feel in love with the Terry Richardson area--she can't get enough of people in their natural element! I so regret not getting a pic of her in front of her mentor's photos--but the great thing is that the exhibit is up all summer, so she'll have plenty of chances to revisit the work! xoxo

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Jenn said...

How dare you sully my good name by putting Terry Richardson next to it! I'm so insulted!