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If you happen to follow my Facebook and Twitter, you'll know that lately I've been in a state of sorts--one of happiness! This summer has brought about an influx of fabulous, driven new friends, exciting projects, and tough, challenging experiences.

It's time to celebrate!

This project is called 60/60/60, and it's my gift to you.

My business centers around my portrait package, "Always Be My Baby". It's hardcore--intense research goes into the deal before my pencil even hits the paper. I've been asked over and over again, "Aurora, why not something mini?"

So here you go, cutie.


60/60/60 is a petite portrait package. It's small and compact, in all ways.

A teeny-tiny Q and A:

What is the 60/60/60 project?

It's simple! 60/60/60 is a chance to get a professional, beautifully inked, original signed portrait for the ittybitty price of $60 total.

But, like, what do I get?

Your session includes:

*10 minute phone consultation: brain storming and content creation! You pick what you want depicted: your lover, your mother, you dog, your favorite stuffed animal, your coffee shop. Or all of them! We go over how to make it happen.

*A 60 minute drawing in pencil and pen and ink on 5.5 x 8.5 inch paper

*A secret code and a scheduled time to watch the creation of your piece, live via internet!

*Later that day, the piece will be sent out. It'll arrive at your door within a week, smack dab into your sweet little hands. It'll be ready for you to hang up on your wall, gift to your boo, or sit beside you at dinner.


Here's the rub: I'll only be doing 60 of these packages! No more, no less. So get hasty with that trigger finger. It's time to set it off!

Click here to get started.

And, thank you, lovebirds. Your support makes my world go round, in more ways than I could ever say.

More questions? Email me at aurora.armijo@gmail.com.

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