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It's been awhile since I've updated--I promise to get back to my regularly scheduled blogging as soon as my life balances out. Right now, I'm having a blast showing in multiple venues and meeting up with new fabulous friends. This is what I've always wanted to do, and it makes me so elated to have the opportunity to do it!

* I currently have three of the "Ladyfingers" paintings up at Chronos Gallery in downtown Los Angeles. I'm beyond stoked about this new gallery! More plans soon that I'll let you know about as the events approach.

* I was invited to participate in Arte Americas "Cala Gala: Arte Américas' Dia De Los Muertos" show. I've finished up this painting this afternoon and thought I'd share some photos. I absolutely love drawing with India ink and filling in with watercolors. I can't get enough of Mary Kate and Ashley when they smile! So lighthearted and happy!

IMG_1928_2mka4 copy


I adore having corkboards all around my work area! I put everything up there-- older work, pieces by other artists, little notes. It's so handy!

IMG_1929_2mka3 copy

*Since taking Richard Simmons' class a few weeks ago with Marie, I've been inspired to wake up and exercise! This is pretty much unheard of (I am typically a homebody who likes to work at home and cook), but I'm really enjoying getting up, stretching, moving around, and walking in the neighborhood to start my day. I wind up with so much more energy and my day is going strong consistently!

*I've been blessed by visits from out of town friends: Jenn, Laura, Zach, and Kim have all been in L.A. recently. I've revisited some old L.A. haunts with them, and we've discovered some new ones. How rad is it to share the things you love with someone you love?!

* Speaking of blessed, I've been meeting up with new people as well. I love this-- it opens me up to new adventures and ideas. What could possibly be better?!

* Getting our record player going! It's now on more than our Itunes, cd's, or the radio. We hit the motherload yesterday: Record Surplus is moving, and tons of their albums were marked down to 10 for one dollar. Get down there now! I bought about 12 Barbra Streisand records and am about to nerd out to her, obsession style. I ain't messing around!

* Getting hired for a two week museum project out of town. I feel so excited to be working with friends and with an experienced, bad ass installation artist. I plan on just soaking it up! I'm so glad to have this experience.

*While I'm working out of town, I'll still be taking commissions for the 60/60/60 Project. So stoked on that thing!


*I'm finishing up illustrations for a documentary. Oy vey!

I love being a busy bee! Now tell me, what have you been working on? What fantastic things have you manifested to come your way? What have you learned?

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jessica mullen said...

yay you are awesome!
today i learned that appreciation is one of our greatest powers.