What I Wore: The Jean Jacket is Now at It's Most Epic

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It's been a crazy week--filled with friend visits, karaoke, project making, cooking in the heat (yes, L.A. finally got up to 95 degrees!) and RuPaul marathons! It's for that reason that I am only now posting up this set of pictures, taken by the ever-brilliant Jennifer Emerling.

Jenn did her own shoot, centered around the Lady Gaga inspired jean jacket that I created for her. She snapped these at the same time, with the intention of my putting up a What I Wore post.


Dress: cut up t-shirt from Goodwill's men's section (no brand name) on La Brea, $3.99
Belt: Goodwill on Beverly, $4.99
Fishnets: from Iguana Vintage in Hollywood
Shoes: from Zappo's, Sam Edelman, $199
Jacket: Goodwill in Visalia, originally from the Gap $4



I'm so in love with this jacket. I wear it so much that it's started to get holes everywhere. I patched it up, but there are now new holes appearing! I rarely get attached to clothing, but I am dreading the day I have to get rid of this sucker. Hopefully I'll be able to salvage the pieces and have it work as a vest for awhile yet!


I made these epaulettes myself as a quick DIY project when I had an empty half hour. I adore epaulettes! They make any outfit look fancy. Usually, if anything, they are on men's button down shirts, and I always make a point of complimenting a person's epaulettes if they happen to be sporting them. I made these detachable, so I'll be able to use them on dresses as well.



My "dress" was literally a huge t-shirt. I cut off the arms, pinned it strategically, and hoped that it would stay up. I didn't have any problems! That shirt really wanted to be worn!


I've thought about other things to do to this particular jacket, but it's so near and dear to me that I couldn't bare to go any further! The fit is beyond perfect and it's so fragile.

Other ideas for jean jackets:

adding strands of fake pearls
costume jewelry broaches
painting/graffiti/Sharpie insanity


I kinda love that it's a rare day that I'll show up in a pair of jeans on my lower half, but this jean jacket gets worn so much that it smells like my b.o. on a regular basis.



Kim Burly said...

The last one is just so divine.

jessica mullen said...

wow I love you and your style and your hair looks so pretty and these photos are so good! every post gets better and better!!!