30 Days of Barbra: Funny Girl!

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It's probably no surprise, but I had never seen a Barbra Streisand movie! When I decided to do my 30 Days of Barbra Project, my knee-jerk reaction was to comb Netflix and see what I could find.

Their instant feature didn't let me down-- "Funny Girl" was right there waiting.

Since I had read her Wikipedia article (hey, you gotta start somewhere), I already had a mini- background on "Funny Girl". I knew that it was Streisand's first feature film, and released in 1968 (this sort of shocked me. I know that 1968 is DECADES ago, but I've had crushes on dudes who were born the year after. So I had to deduce that this was gonna be a hip movie).

"Funny Girl" is the loose biography of actress Fanny Brice. She's small-town, looking for bigger things, and banking on her immeasurable talent. Who doesn't love that? Fanny is a firecracker (check the clip below!) and aware of how she looks and moves--she mentions over and over that she knows she isn't "pretty" (just a sidenote--this sort of grated on me. Streisand has a unique look, but you'd be a troll not to realize her beauty in this movie. Girlfriend is a looker!). Moreover, Fanny is confident in her skill as comedienne, and it's this lethal combination that gets her noticed by the boyz in power, particularly hot shot Rhett Butler wannabe, Nicky Arnstein.

I won't bore you with the details of their romance, since, yeah, it's sorta boring. Streisand really kills it when she's on stage, singing and delivering zingers like nobodies business, and though it was heavy content in the first half, I could help but wish for more during the last half hour. She's. So. Charming!


And I'd be remiss not to mention the other star in the film--that would be the costume department! I'm pretty sure I need to borrow some of this marvelous vintage for a wedding this weekend. Hats, furs, petticoats, buckle boots, and a hardcore roller skate appearance made for a delicious fashion melange. I made a little Polyvore set in tribute:

Funny Girl

Funny Girl by aurocka featuring clutch handbags

Have you seen "Funny Girl"? What did you think?

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with_all_hope said...

I enjoyed Funny Girl and can't say that I've seen a lot of Barbara's movies - but Hello, Dolly! is one of my favs (not just of her's but overall). I remember watching it on TV one night while in Jr. College. (or was it HS?). I stayed up late cause there were commercials and it started late. But I loved every bit of the movie.