30 Days of Barbra!

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A few weeks ago, Ben and I received a message from our dear friend Chuck. He told us that Record Surplus, a store in Santa Monica, was moving soon, and was having an epic sale. He said he'd pick us up, and we headed over.

Well, "epic" is no exaggeration. The top half of Record Surplus was priced 10 records for a buck. I went in with no expectations, and left with my hands full.

The box I put in the back of Chuck's car contained thirteen (!) Barbra Streisand records.


I couldn't resist the price, and the chance at a collection.

You see, I'm not, what they might call, a Barbra fan. Sure, I recognize her voice, recognize her face, and recognize when someone's doing a sketch comedy impression of her. But do I know her? No way.

I'm convinced Record Surplus' sale was a call to me, and now it's my turn to respond. Here we go, friends, it's:

30 Days of Barbra!


Here's the deal: I wanna get knee deep in Barbra. I wanna study her, feel her soul, really get to know what all the fuss is about. And I want to share my adventure with you!

"30 Days of Barbra" will be a Barbra immersion! Hold on to your hats!


If you love Barbra, please get a hold of me! I'd love to pick your brain about your relationship with her.

For other Barbra newbies, I hope you come into this with an open heart and mind. I want to learn and grow on this journey into Barbra fandemonium.

Barbra's a workhorse and an icon--I imagine we've got a lot to soak in!

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AD said...

Oh Aurora, welcome to a whole new glitzy world. I love me some Babs. When the time is right, come to me and we will watch On a Clear Day You Can See Forever... my favorite Barbra movie. I support this decision completely.