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I'm spending an extra week in Fresno (longer than I had planned, that's for sure!), and I made a list of projects that I wanted to complete while in the city. Shannon's was one of them.

I've always loved Shannon Hunter's writing, so when I was working on her portrait, I had all of her journaling to reference. We've known each other a solid seven years, off and on, so there was no question that I wanted to integrate an E.E. Cummings poem. I sent Shannon a picture of the work via email, and she responded with this:

"In 2003 I met the only man I've ever really, really loved. I have felt exceptional things for some nice men over the years, but Finn, I Loved him. Still do in so many ways that are never fully realized. Anyhow, not too long after we met he left for Japan (he'd already applied for the English teaching job before we met and was contracted to go) and the morning after he got settled in his apartment just outside of Tokyo - knowing that I love Cummings - emailed me that exact poem.

Did you know? Did I tell you? Should I believe in God? In order to make sense of the wonderfully small, yet wonderfully powerful things that happen between people - friends and lovers and acquaintances alike? So funny, so sweet. My heart is full."

When I dropped the finished piece at her place, I was greeted by her smiling face and a set of mini vegan chocolate tarts, coupled with a fresh raspberry topping! So amazing! I could not be happier. I love when work comes around full circle, to the person it belongs to.


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