What I Wore: 8.25.11

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Welcome to the jungle!

I've always loved leopard print, and now I can carry it around with me everywhere!



This is definitely one of my favorite outfits as of late-- a little vintage lace dress, and a shirt bunched up over the top. Casual, but totally pulled together. At least that's the way it makes me feel!

The gold fabric does make me feel a little Suzanne Sugarbaker though--in a good way. I might never go back to shoulder pads, but I do love that 80's sheen! Somehow, the entirety of the outfit makes me feel more punk rock. Maybe I'm just finding myself?!


Speaking of the jungle, check my new ink from the fantastic Alayna Magnan. She absolutely KILLED the Tara McPherson artwork I've loved forever!

P.S. When you go see her, bring her some chocolate shaped as Axel Roses face--girlfriend can't get enough of him and it's adorable!

Shirt: No brand name, gift from friend
dress: All That Jazz, Goodwill in Fresno--it's so old, I don't remember how much it cost!
Sunglasses: Goodwill
Shoes: Rampage, at Marshall's at River Park, $7.99
Jewelry: Mom's
Bag: No brand name, Goodwill in downtown Fresno, $2
Keychain: Betsey Johnson