30 Days of Barbra: Welcome to the Dollhouse.

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Today I face one of my most intense decisions since moving to L.A.: do I brave The Grove on my bike, or drive over and have to deal with validation? I figured I'd put off that nutty little adventure in favor of sharing something so sweet, it might just send you to the dentist.

When I say sweet, I'm not kidding. Through my limited studies of Barbra during this project, I realized that I had developed my own version of her in my rad noggin. The type of image that has her swaying around in black and white caftans, and lounging next to reproductions of the statue of David. White, of course. She'd drink white wine and laugh coyly at how pedestrian my own ideas were about home design (namely PINK! And flowers. And hot cocoa and popcorn.)

My friend, Lindsey, a hard core Barbra fan, schooled me the other night (you'll be hearing about our Barbra date soon. Ye-ow!). We sat hunkered over the computer, and I gasped at what I saw.

Are you ready?? Barbra's home!


from Harper's Bazaar

Ok, so, Babs is totally lounging. But what I want you to focus in on is her dolls! They are everywhere! I also have a solid appreciation for her light set up for those large paintings. Girlfriend ain't messing around!


From Oprah.com

Lindsey and I both decided we need to model our closets after this.


from Oprah.com
What is this, Barbra? You leave your magazines in a flippin' basket by the couch?? It's all so cozy! My reality is slipping...


From Oprah.com

I am totally drawn to the eccentricity of this situation.


From Harper's Bazaar

Leave it to Harper's to make sure Bab's is dolled up and serene. This might be my favorite. She can go from girl next door to elegant woman of the hour. So versatile!


from Harper's Bazaar

The dame-y-ness of this last photo goes straight to my heart.

I think I fell in love with her a little more after seeing these. There's nothing about it that's wild--it makes me think that her priority is comfort and sweetness. What could be more endearing?


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