Blogger Portraits: Apocalypstick

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Earlier this summer, I put together a set of different blogger portraits.

First up, the irrepressible Apocalypstick.


Almie Rose is a great writer (read her entry on Katy Perry--she actually has me halfway convinced that I should give Katy another chance), but her real bread and butter are her videos. I DIE! Witness: her brilliant "How to Get Over a Breakup":

Amie, let's hug and cry. I've got some antioxidants just waiting to make us healthier!



Anonymous said...


Cammila Albertson said...

lol When she starts talking about Sex and the City. I also love that she's suddenly wearing that crazy sweater when it cuts to her clutching the cat.

Your portrait is so perfect. I'm not even really sure exactly how you captured the humor so perfectly, but I picked up on the cheekiness before even watching the video. Well done!

And thanks for turning me on to Apocalypstick! This chick is awesome.

apocalypstick said...

You guys! I love you! Let's just hug forever.