FASHION: Turn to the Left (and Use Harmony Korine's Video Camera...)

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Last night, if you had on earmuffs and a set of blinders, was Fashion's Night Out in Los Angeles. Ben and I went last year with some friends, so we knew what to expect: people in black, people who smoke, and people who are impossibly good looking. We prepped Jenn with this information and then proceeded to get dressed.


These pictures are like the candy version of a Harmony Kormine film. That drink on the left? It's not full of weird meth-y stuff-- it's filled with water! HA!


Why no, we'd rather not drown cats, thanks Mr. Korine. Instead, we want to hug cats! <3


What? We're not obscure or mid-western or confrontational enough?


Just checking.


Jenn said...

Good one, Romy.

mandyface said...

Your looks make me very happy. Keep up the lovely!

Christina said...

What a fun night to attend. What a fun hobby. I want to cultivate some fashion!!