The Curvy Model


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Mandy Fierens (aka "The Curvy Model") is a model from Pittsburgh. She was on my radar a long time ago due to her cutie pie blog, and I was super stoked when she asked me to do a small portrait of her. Mandy's gorgeous (obvs.!), but she's also my new best friend! I actually felt myself trying to stay on track as we tweeted each other about painting our toenails, her coming out to California, and listening to Barry Manilow music!

Be sure to check out her blog-- loads of outfit posts and musings. She's got other big projects on the horizon, but I gotta keep my mouth shut for the moment. Until then, you can also peep the brilliant boots she modeled, that I'm totally dying over. So. Cute.

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Jenn said...

Two words: Dream. Closet. I have so much to learn!