What I Wore 9.13.11: Rainbow Connection!

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I love Los Angeles because there is art everywhere!


This wall is right up the street from our apartment. It's huge--and covered with a mural of the Beatles as bandits, as well as some Mr. Brainwash stuff.


I bought this dress on Saturday before Doe's housewarming. It's colors called out to me like a beacon! I love this cut and the chevron stripes. It's the ultimate summer dress: light and bright!



Scorpio: from Urban Outfitters in Hollywood, on sale for $10 (a lot for me, but I have a tough time resisting Scorpio themed anything)
Crab: gift from Jenn
Locket: gift from Kristin


Shoes: found outside my apartment, Dansko


Dress: Goodwill on Beverly, Stuart Alen, $5.99
Belt: it's so old, I can't even remember!
Lipstick: Lime Crime in My Beautiful Rocket
Sunglasses: Love Culture, $5.99



mandyface said...

Stripey, colorful dresses might be my favorite part of summer..probably bc its a million degrees here and they help make life bearable lol ;) And yes, shower curtain bff's for life. It is pretty much the best shower curtain ever right? I've found a lot of different islands I'd like to purchase someday...

Christina said...

Tell me more about this lipstick... is it a coral-y red? I really need a good set of reds in matte. Any suggestions?

Aurora said...

It's not a coral-y red; though it does look like that in the pictures! For a good matte red orange, try "It Girl" from Sephora. It's another favorite!