What I Wore: Dressed Up Denim

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Because Jennifer Emerling knows that all I think about is blogging, she hooked me up with a mini What I Wore photo session (the truth? We were doing test lighting for a wedding assignment she had). These pics are almost a month in the making, and I think they are beautiful. You need to hire this girl now--her calendar is getting crazy, and it's gonna be impossible in a year to book her unless you have made her a Jenn-sized unicorn costume.


It's since gotten a little cooler in L.A., but there were a few melt-y days in August where I could only bear to throw on a dress and this jean vest. I don't think it got smelly, but I wouldn't have been surprised. Thank goodness I keep Febreeze around.


We took these pictures at the Design Center--a tiny campus nestled near our old neighborhood in Mount Washington. Even though we are maybe, at most, a half hour drive away now, it felt like another world! L.A. is bonkers that way.




dress: Laundry by Shelli Segal, via Goodwill on La Brea, $5.99
vest: Nine Planet Jeans, via Goodwill on Beverly, $4.99
hair flowers: leftover from our wedding
boots: No brand, from Buffalo Exchange, $12.99
bracelets: my mothers
earrings: rhinestone heart from Forever 21, $4.99, rhinestone feather from Forever 21, $5.99 (two different ones at once, always!)

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adventureaversion.com said...

I love the second one with the light behind you! The one of you close up on the stairs. Great shots.